This is just for you…

A time and place to be seen and heard.

To be asked – “What is your dream?”

And to be told not just, “You can do it!” but, “Let us help you do it!”

This is your place to become the
Me Who You Always Wanted to Be.

Women At Woodstock.
Make your future.


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“Where The Bitches At?”

Angela Kaufman speaks out about the authenticity and nurturing at Women At Woodstock 2015

Women At Woodstock 2016

October 28-30, 2016
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I really am so very pleased to have been a part of this. I think women left more enlightened, more empowered and more sure of themselves and their futures. Who could ask for more.




We have amazing plans in the works for Women at Woodstock 2016 – our regular gathering plus writers’ retreats!

Lifebridge Sanctuary upper meeting room


We’re gathering at a gorgeous, secluded, eco-friendly place in Rosendale, NY, all for ourselves – just 20 minutes from Woodstock.

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